Rodell Razor
Momentum Creator
Featured in Impact Business Magazine 
Rodell's background didn't start off as an entrepreneur. He was an athlete, finished his MBA then went into corporate america. After Co-founding one of the top sports performance facilities in the US, he took a chance at becoming an entrepreneur part-time through the network marketing profession. After lots of trial and error, he started to gain momentum and became one of the top in the entire industry. Rodell found a niche helping fitness professionals go to the next level in their business. 

From there he has helped entrepreneurs get started in business, helped them get unstuck & help them grow the business of their dreams. 

With a eye for personal branding & a gift for helping entrepreneurs create the right strategic partnerships - Rodell is a great support system and mentor to people all over the country. 

Now, much of his time is spent networking with fitness professionals and other solopreneurs to get momentum in their business. 
"If You Haven't Felt Like Quitting your dreams aren't big enough"

- Rodell Razor
· Fitness Pro Strategic Partnerships
· ENTREPRENEUR personal Branding
· Mastermind & mentor coordinator